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Dear Texas Clients,

Over the past week, we’ve seen the impact of Hurricane Harvey across Texas. From hurricane winds to inconceivable flooding, this is a week everyone will remember. However, there’s no doubt we will come together as a community and industry to rebuild a stronger city.

As with some of our employees, we know many of you have a long road ahead of you until life at home and work is normal again. In an effort to support you in the process, here’s a brief update on the status of DXS and Daikin:

DXS is able to start supporting VRV service related issues and we also have technicians in Austin, San Antonio, and Dallas to handle the increased demand. We will prioritize any critical applications.

Daikin is rapidly restoring operations now that the worst of the storm aftermath has passed and the Daikin Texas Technology Park is fully functional as of August 31st. The facility had inspections occur in preparation for volume production and production operations also began August 31st. In addition, the Daikin teams have performed well to re-establish the full supply chain for all manufactured products and to ensure appropriate trucking capacity to allow for in-bound and out-bound shipments.

For any critical needs, please contact DXS as we have our stock of parts and inventory located in Austin, and can work with Daikin to help alleviate any immediate needs.

You can reach us at (832) 328-1010 or (855) 339-0136 or online at

If we can lend a hand in any other way, feel free to reach out to us.


Thomas McLaughlin Keith McLaughlin

Principal Principal