Home News DZK trailer goes on tour in Central Texas

The DXS Central Texas team recently went on about a month-long tour from September 10-October 2 with the new VRF technology trailer, visiting several engineers and mechanical contractors. Throughout the month we had around 92 customers attend overall.

The mobility and relatively small size of the trailer allows us to easily show up right in the parking lot of offices, making it convenient for you and your coworkers to come down for the show. It also makes it easy for us to transfer the trailer to our other teams throughout Texas. Most recently, the trailer showed up at the Dallas Oktoberfest event in our Carrollton office’s warehouse.

The trailer gives you a hands-on demonstration of the latest VRF technologies. Plus, in the small group setting, you’re getting a personal experience and can be sure to get all your questions answered on-site from one of our VRF experts. If you’d like to learn more and schedule a visit with the trailer,click here