Home News DXS commits to more training for 2015

As 2015 gets started I would like to take this opportunity to let you know about some new training coming up throughout the year. For the VRF market we will continue the Installation and Commissioning classes currently offered. We will be developing a Service and Troubleshooting class designed around the most common problems seen in the field. There will be a separate class just for understanding the Daikin Service Tool “Service Checker” and how it can help you diagnose problems with the system. Additionally, we will begin to develop a basic commissioning class for the Intelligent Touch Manager (ITM) to cover what must be set up in order to avoid controls issues on the job site.

As the year progresses we will be adding more advanced controls classes to assist with adding third party equipment to your Daikin controls system using the third party WAGO input/output modules. There will also be a class on using the layout view so your end user can get a visual representation of their facility. These layout views are a great addition to a project and allow the end user to control the operation of the equipment from a map type screen.

As always DXS is here to assist you with your training needs and commissioning of equipment.

Thank You,

Bryan Weymouth
Applications and Training Manager