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JS Rancourt

Principal:New England (primary), Ontario (secondary)

Leadership 1Jean-Samuel (JS) Rancourt is a Principal of DXS Ontario and DXS New England, and is dedicated to constantly expanding his expertise in VRF technology to provide innovative HVAC solutions for clients throughout New England. Originally from Sherbrooke, Quebec, JS is a 2011 graduate from the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Waterloo. He amassed a list of academic and athletic awards, including earning the Engineering Co-op Student of the Year award for the University and a distinct entrepreneurship award. While pursuing his degree, JS used the co-operative internship program to gain experience and knowledge in the HVAC industry at the HTS-Ottawa office and the HTS-San Antonio, Texas office. JS enhanced his VRF equipment expertise during his time working with the largest contracting and project management team of HTS at the Toronto headquarters, which led him to launch DXS Ontario in partnership with Kartik Singla in June of 2012. After amassing 5 years of experience in cold climate VRF, JS moved to Boston, Massachusetts in 2016 to establish DXS New England, in conjunction with the merger of HTS New England and Stebbins-Duffy, the previous local Daikin representative. JS’s role currently focuses on working with consulting engineers and building owners in New England, and building a larger DXS team of VRF HVAC specialists.


Thomas McLaughlin

Principal:Texas (primary), New England (secondary)

Leadership 2A founding partner and principal of DXS Texas, Thomas McLaughlin brought to the firm more than 12 years of experience working in various corporate and sales roles at Lennox Industries. A highlight of Thomas’ time while at Lennox was spending two years in Salt Lake City, Utah, working to position the company during the surge in construction preparing for the 2002 Winter Olympics. As a graduate of Sam Houston State University with a degree in international business, Thomas’ primary responsibility is to manage the DXS business across North America. He held an integral role in the founding of DXS New England in 2016, along with JS Rancourt. Thomas is also a principal at HTS, DXS’s sister company.





Kartik Singla

Principal:Ontario (primary)

Kartik is a founding principal of DXS Ontario. Kartik graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 2011 with Honors, and he started working for HTS as an intern in 2009. Kartik is known for his tireless entrepreneurial spirit, innovative business sense, and technical aptitude. He strives to create a strong awareness of VRF technology in Ontario through collaboration with all stakeholders—property developers, consulting engineers, mechanical contractors, and building operators.

Kartik is a committee member of City of Toronto’s “Advancing Deep Energy Retrofits”, to develop monetary and non-monetary incentives for integration of VRF heat pumps in greater Toronto and Hamilton area. He is an avid supporter of energy conservation in buildings and has worked on numerous projects with electrical utilities to incentivize building owners to take on energy retrofit projects.