Home News Daikin’s D-Net Service Support Tool: New North American Initiative

Daikin D-Net, known as “Airnet” overseas, is a service support tool based on Daikin’s global remote monitoring technology, aimed at keeping VRV systems running efficiently and reliably. Compared to other regions of the world, this tool is vastly under-utilized in North America. Daikin and DXS are embarking on an initiative to educate the North American market about D-Net, in hopes of serving more customers with it.

D-Net is essentially the guardian angel of your VRV system, living in the Daikin servers back in the Osaka, Japan headquarters. This cloud-based monitoring system has eyes on your VRV system 24/7, looking at the pressures, temperatures, RPMs and thermal status of every component. Beyond alerting the owner, the facility manager or the service provider of any malfunction in the system, the D-Net algorithms will also send out predictive notifications to recommend pre-emptive maintenance or replacement work before a failure occurs.

The customer-centric and technician-centric online platforms allow different parties involved in the project to access live information on the system – from simple run hours, to units identified as using excessive energy, to predictions regarding dirty indoor or outdoor heat exchangers, all the way to detailed operational data valuable in the diagnosis of the system. D-Net is meant to reduce the number of site visits required, while improving response time and the overall performance and reliability of the system.

The D-Net tool is available for all VRV systems that have an iTouch Manager (iTM) central controller, and access to an internet connection at the iTM. There are currently over 5,000 VRV projects in Japan using D-Net, and many customers do not install new VRV systems without their D-Net guardian angel. Contact DXS today to learn more about D-Net, and special offerings currently available to add D-Net to your project.