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Munters has specialized in dehumidification for more than 100 years. The global company, long an important provider in the U.S. market, offers a commercial line of economical solutions to humidity problems in all project sectors, including desiccant dehumidifiers in all cfm ranges. DXS often pairs a VRF system with Munters DOAS (dedicated outside air system) when a well engineered solution with high outdoor air quantities is needed.

Learn more about the Munters products by reviewing our product list below:

Product List

Desiccant DDS: Desiccant Dehumidification System
  • Model: Desiccant DDS
  • Description: Desiccant Dehumidification System
  • Size: 1,500 to 100,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Munters 2The Munters Desiccant DDS Product allows for the flexibility and integrity of a custom product, while maintaining the convenience and value of a pre-configured system. The heart of the DDS product is the basic Munters desiccant dehumidification module consisting of the active desiccant wheel, a reactivation heat source, and supply and reactivation fans.

This system is suitable for lower dewpoint commercial applications such as ice arenas and surgical suites, or as an easy retrofit to add latent capacity without increasing cooling. These systems range from 1,500 cfm to 100,000 cfm. Pre-engineered energy recovery, cooling, heating and filtration modules can be added to satisfy most custom designs.

  • Fresh make up air
  • No overcooling
  • Equally effective at design and off-design conditions
  • Helps prevent mold, mildew, wet floors and saturated ducts
  • Contributes to LEED credits
DryCool™ ERV: DryCool™ Series
  • Model: DryCool™ ERV
  • Description: DryCool™ Series
  • Size: 2,500 to 16,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Munters 3The Munters DryCool™ ERV product will provide 100% outdoor air to the space that will be drier than the typical makeup air unit (MAU) while at the same time using less energy than the standard MAU. The DryCool™ ERV achieves this by combining the lower supply air dew points of desiccant dehumidification technology with the energy efficiency of total energy recovery.

The DryCool™ unit is a complete single point power DX system that achieves the lowest energy consumption on the market by utilizing free condenser heat to reactivate the desiccant dehumidification cycle. This technology eliminates the inefficient over cool/reheat process utilized by the vast majority of MAUs. It also allows for the cooling coil to operate at higher temperatures, increasing refrigeration efficiency and eliminating coil freezing concerns. The overall effect can be shown by achieving equivalent EERs in the 20s.
The addition of enthalpy wheel energy recovery to this system provides for reduced heating and cooling requirements of outside air prior to hitting the DX coil or the optional gas or electric heater or hot water post heat coil.

  • Energy Efficient
  • Delivers low dew point
  • Energy recovery in winter
  • Provides make up air
  • Avoids cool – reheat
  • Dry, healthy duct work
  • Increases your cooling COP
  • Independent temperature & humidity control
  • Contributes to LEED Credits
DryCool™ Split System - Dehumidification: DryCool™ Series
  • Model: DryCool™ Split System – Dehumidification
  • Description: DryCool™ Series
  • Size: 2200 cfm
  • Specs:

Munters 4When space is limited, the 2200 cfm Munters DryCool™ Split System is available to control humidity and temperature. This unit offers two stages of cooling. The first stage provides waste heat for reactivating the desiccant wheel, as loads increase a second stage brings on a remote condensing unit. This unit can also handle 500 CFM of raw outside air.

This unique combination of compressor staging and the utilization of Munters’ desiccant dehumidification wheel provides continuous humidity control while consuming less energy than conventional HVAC systems. The DryCool™ Split System is often used as a stand alone device for unoccupied spaces where humidity control is required to protect the building and its contents, such as storage facilities.

Consistent humidity & temperature control
Easy to install & operate
Lower utility bills
Compact design

DryCool ™ Standard HCU: DryCool™ Series
  • Model: DryCool ™ Standard HCU
  • Description: DryCool™ Series
  • Size: up to 16,000 cfm
  • Specs:

Munters 2Outside air often represents the greatest moisture load to a building. That is why experts agree pre-teating makeup air with a dedicated outside air system (DOAS) is the most efficient and effective approach at managing it. Munters’ award winning DryCool™ Standard System removes more moisture with less energy than any other DOAS by combining Munters advanced desiccant dehumidification technology with packaged refrigeration.

Essentially, the DryCool™ Standard is a packaged DX unit enhanced with an active desiccant wheel to reduce cooling requirements by 30-40%.

The DryCool™ Standard utilizes waste condenser heat to reactivate the desiccant wheel. This qualifies it as an “energy recovery” device using “site recovered” energy to boost the moisture removal capacity of the system at reduced cooling tonnage.

Since just one circuit provides all the reactivation energy the DryCool™ Standard needs to continuously satisfy desired supply air conditions, these units are also available as split systems, water and chilled water cooled versions. All configurations can include winter heating options utilizing gas, electric, hot water and steam.

When 100% outside air is not required, the DryCool™ Standard still outperforms other dehumidification systems by delivering drier air while consuming less energy.

Unit installation can be indoors or outdoors. The DryCool™ Standard is available is sizes conditioning up to 16,000 cfm of air.

  • Most energy efficient DOAS
  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • Delivers cool, dry air
  • Increases cooling COP
  • Qualifies as an energy recovery device when exhaust air is not available
  • Air, water and chilled water cooled configurations available
  • Contributes to LEED Credits
HCD Series: HCD Series
  • Model: HCD Series
  • Description: HCD Series
  • Size: 300 to 12000 CFM
  • Specs:

Munters 6Munters HCD series desiccant dehumidifiers are designed to efficiently dehumidify to low moisture levels. Process airflows are available form 300 to 12000 CFM.

  • Weather-tight construction for indoor or outdoor use
  • Low profile cassette design
  • Quick access for easy maintenance
  • Easy duct connections
  • Modulating electric or steam reactivation
  • Multiple blower orientations
  • Built-in bypass option
  • Add-on post-/pre-air treatment options