DXS owns and operates the first mobile piping lab in North America, one of only three in the entire world. This self-sufficient trailer assures factory quality and efficiency at the site, bringing expertise right where it’s needed to save time and installation costs. It negates many problems of on-site assembly by providing a clean, safe environment without risks of leaks and open flames, and can cut production time in half.

From the plans, the piping is split into workable sections that make up the main trunk lines, so all that has to be done is connect these sections to each other and branch off to the fan coils. The pipes are cut and bent, brazed, pressure tested, and finished with Armaflex insulation within the trailer. A motorized pipe expander and flaring machine can quickly and accurately increase the diameter of the tube without heating to connect different size pipes.

The trailer is also equipped with ventilation fans, a 3 ton Daikin SkyAir AHU, and LED lighting for comfort and safety during operation. It can be powered completely by its generator, or hook up to a power grid at the site.

The precise piping method is the ideal way to connect an HVAC system. PPM reduces brazing points by using motorized bending; rather than having to piece together seven different pipes, one large pipe can be customized to fit the space. Not only does this save time for assembly, reducing the number of fittings saves money, removes places for potential leaks, and prevents energy loss from fluid moving around sharp corners. All this is achieved without deformation or pleating as the pipes are bent.

When brazing is necessary, oxidation is a key issue. The reaction between mismatched metals or standard brazing gases causes pieces of metal to peel off and clog the flow. In our facility, nitrogen is used to correct this, and also saves energy since it requires less heat than traditional gases.

The pressure chamber allows extra safety tests to take place within the trailer. Testing occurs at 600-650 psi, at least 100 psi over regular factory tests, to ensure each section is free of leaks. By using a mixture of N2 and R410A the gas can be reclaimed and reused, further saving resources.

Our movable PPM facility is also a great training tool. Factory workers can learn how to handle test facilities and tools, and refine techniques like copper pipe brazing, while engineers and supervisors learn the way to design and draw PPM assemblies.

The trailer is currently located in our Round Rock office. Moving forward, the trailer can be relocated anywhere in the US within 36 hours.