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Bring the latest VRF technology to your office with our new mobile training center.

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What is the VRF Technology Trailer?

DXS offers an in-office, hands-on demonstration on the latest VRF technology in the market with our new VRF Technology Trailer. We are currently showcasing the new Daikin Zoning Kit (DZK) which offers multi-zone temperature control similar to VAV but with the efficiency of a Daikin VRV system.

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Why DZK?

  • Individually controlled zones
  • Equipment and installation cost savings
  • Improved flexibility for individual comfort
  • Wireless zone thermostats
  • Seamless integration with indoor fan coils
  • Available with cooling, heat pump, and heat recovery systems

Who should see the demo?

Our demo can be customized for engineers, architects, owners, facility maintenance and contractors who are new to the industry or even those with 30+ years of experience under their belt.

What are some applications?

  • Fire station sleep areas
  • Efficiency apartments under 700sq/ft
  • Smaller zones in offices
  • Residential zoning
  • Non-profit organization housing and more.

How to I schedule a visit?

If you would like to set-up a time to view the VRF Technology Trailer at your office, contact us today!