When you work with us, you get the best available VRF technology. DXS brings customers equipment and parts from the world’s leading VRF suppliers. With literally hundreds of years of experience and thousands of international installations among them, our suppliers represent the world’s collective knowledge and expertise in VRF technology. So, regardless of the age, configuration or unique issues of your building, we have a solution that’s right for your building’s energy efficiency goals.


Daikin's Heat Pump SkyAir system provides comfortable heating and cooling in a one-to-one application. With the ability to combine a quiet outdoor unit with a variety of sleek indoor units such as the easily installed wall mounted unit, the concealed, built-in DC Duct unit, the comfort customizing roundflow sensing ceiling mounted cassette, a multi-positional air handler, or the slim, silent operating ceiling suspended unit, Daikin provides the ultimate duct-free solution for large residential or light commercial projects

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