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Our story is simple, as some of the best business stories often are. Back in 2007, the Southern US was ready for VRF (also called VRV – variable refrigerant volume). Two seasoned HVAC professionals from central Texas saw this cross in technology and timing, and capitalized by creating DXS. Five years later, with the continued improvement in technology, this same timing was to be realized in Canada. Two business partners that had entered the Canadian HVAC technology via HTS recognized this opportunity, and convinced the principals of HTS to fund their Canadian version of DXS, based out of Toronto.

DXS and HTS now work in unison, as partners. The dedicated expertize of DXS in VRF technology, combined with the breath of knowledge and services that HTS offers results in the perfect combination for turn-key building HVAC solutions. DXS will work with HTS to provide you with full fresh air solutions, building controls solutions, air distribution equipment and any water pumping / storage equipment still required on top of your VRF system.

To assist with those contractors that have yet to develop a complete refrigeration piping team, DXS and HTS have a team of TSSA certified refrigeration piping installers, allowing us to handle the complete supply and install of the refrigeration piping network. With this same team of qualified technicians, DXS also offers full mechanical wiring scopes.

Since its beginnings in 2012, DXS already has the title for designing and supplying VRF equipment on a multitude of record breaking buildings, such as:

– The largest and tallest residential (condo) VRF project in Canada

– The largest K-12 school VRF project in Canada

– The largest and tallest hospitality VRF project in Canada and North America (also the largest VRF project in North America)

Via experience working with local consultants, contractors, developers, and the local authorities, DXS is your go-to one-stop-shop for anything VRF.