About Us

DXS Story

Our story is simple, as some of the best business stories often are. Back in 2007, we realized the North American market was ready for VRF (also called VRV – variable refrigerant volume). Technology and timing were about to cross and we wanted to be at that intersection.

After getting our start in Texas in 2007, we brought our expertise to Ontario, Canada to create the market for VRV and VRF products in 2012. Since then, the market has boomed and DXS is partially responsible for this increase. Every year since we opened in Toronto, we have grown our team and continue to focus on applying VRF to decarbonize buildings and provide heating and cooling using electricity.
With the push toward building electrification, we stay in contact with municipal and government organizations to continue the discussion and help form the strategy for the future.

VRV systems help significantly reduce greenhouse gases in buildings. In the city of Toronto, buildings account for more than half of the greenhouse gas emissions so making the switch to VRF systems helps cut these down since they use electricity to heat the building as opposed to natural gas that may other HVAC systems use.

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