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Award-winning Rebel® commercial packaged rooftop systems, from 3 to 28 tons, provide building owners with energy savings up to 43% above ASHRAE’s 90.1 2016 standard, enabling complete system payback in under two years. Combining quality manufactured equipment with advanced Daikin technologies, Rebel delivers a superior commercial rooftop part load rating up to 20.6 IEER. It’s extremely quiet and uses ozone-friendly R-410A refrigerant, making these packaged rooftop units ideal for any low-rise commercial building like schools, retail, offices, and medical facilities, as well as in dedicated outdoor air applications.


  • Highest Performance Design: Capitalize on high-performance cabinetry featuring a Class 6 leakage rating at +/- 6” of static pressure (based on ASHRAE Standard 111) and a thermally broken design that eliminates energy-robbing direct conduction paths.
  • Maximum Energy Efficiency: Get superior efficiencies with EERs exceeding 11.0 and IEERs up to 17.0 by incorporating the latest in advanced technologies, such as EC motors and high-efficiency scroll compressors that enable Rebel Applied to far exceed minimum energy efficiency requirements through 2023.
  • Lowest Total Lifecycle Cost: From installation through lifecycle maintenance, save money, time, and energy by qualifying for utility rebates with factory pre-commissioned controls, refrigeration monitoring sensors, ECM fans that eliminate belt/bearing maintenance, and Intelligent Equipment® controls for remote monitoring.
  • Unlimited Configurability: Gain unprecedented configuration flexibility to fit new applications or retrofit applications, replacing Daikin and competitor rooftop units with Rebel Applied’s no transition curb, modular design that is up to 37% shorter and 30% lighter than legacy applied rooftops.
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Hotel Ella

Under new ownership, the historic building known as Mansion at Judges’ Hill recently transformed into Hotel Ella. The building, located near the University of Texas campus in Austin, went through a multi-million dollar renovation into a boutique hotel that is named after the building’s original owner, Ella Wooten. DXS was named basis of design for the project, retrofitting the common areas with 10 tons of Daikin heat recovery. The ductless units that Daikin offers integrated nicely with the existing architecture of the historic building. As a bonus, the increased energy efficiency and use of VRF qualified the owner for Austin Energy rebates.

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