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Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), invented by Daikin Industries in Osaka, Japan in 1982, is the core of our expertise and solutions. VRV is a high efficiency, a flexible multi-zone air-source heat pump that can be applied to various building types and sizes, in both new build and retrofit applications. The modular nature of VRV allows for applications ranging from single-family homes all the way to commercial, hospitality, and multi-residential projects over 1,000 Tons.

VRV has been the HVAC system of choice in most of the world over the past few decades and has been gaining popularity in North America for over a decade. In northern climates, VRV remains the most efficient and reliable Air Source Heat Pump technology for extracting heat from the air down to very cold temperatures, and the system of choice for buildings looking to move away from using fossil fuels.

Daikin has invented a new proprietary compressor that allows the system to operate down to -30C (-22F) in heating without requiring any additional backup heat. This meets the heating need of the majority of the province


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