About Us

DXS Story

Our story is simple, as some of the best business stories often are. Back in 2007, we realized the North American market was ready for VRF (also called VRV – variable refrigerant volume). Technology and timing were about to cross and we wanted to be at that intersection.

DXS grew out of those conversations. As seasoned HVAC professionals who’d already had successful careers in traditional systems, we knew the markets well, from retail and office to military, healthcare, education and more. We saw the rapidly growing demand for high efficiency and green building standards and knew VRF technology could meet those requirements while also reducing operating costs and improving design flexibility.

Better yet, we saw an opportunity to distinguish ourselves. We are known for our focus and expertise in one area: VRF/VRV technology and the equipment that complements the overall system. For example, we are well-versed in 100% outside air system design, service, and integration for a total VRF/VRV building package.

Our business has grown steadily since 2007 as engineers, architects, developers and building owners gain comfort with VRF systems. From our start in Central Texas, we’ve grown DXS to Southeast and North Texas with offices in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. In 2012, we introduced the Toronto, Canada market to the DXS idea of specializing in one specific technology. In 2016, we launched operations in New England to bring our specialized service and expertise to the New England area.

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