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DXS specializes in helping military engineering departments retrofit aging facilities with modern AC systems that meet the government’s high energy efficiency standards.

Many military bases have large and sprawling buildings constructed for simpler times – buildings with space constraints and minimal electrical infrastructure. These are the kinds of structures where VRF systems, with their small mechanical footprints, shine.

Because of our experience retrofitting military buildings, our DXS team is adept at navigating the federal government’s procurement process. From the initial bid to ongoing maintenance, we work closely with the base engineering department to adhere to government policies and procedures every step of the way.


Key Considerations:

  • Energy-efficient systems
  • Lower operating costs and maintenance costs
  • Quiet operation
  • Robust training program for maintenance personnel
  • DXS onsite at five key junctures: onsite training prior to installation, quality control checks during installation, during start-up, 30 days after commissioning for building owner verification, and ongoing training for staff
  • Fast, dependable service and maintenance support after installation
  • Complete inventory of parts and equipment
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