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We are pleased to announce that DXS is now representing an innovative line of Indoor DOAS products from Oxygen8.

DXS Now Represents Oxygen8 1

Oxygen8 is an HVAC equipment design and manufacturing company that launched to meet the needs of modern building design by developing intelligent HVAC solutions that improve health, comfort, and energy efficiency for offices, senior care facilities, classrooms, and other commercial buildings across North America. Oxygen8 systems use membrane based energy recovery technology and integrate Daikin’s VRV heating and cooling systems to provide 100% fresh, filtered air to indoor environments at ideal temperature and humidity levels. The low profile design (16-30”) beautifully integrates into compact spaces and allows for ceiling, wall or floor mounted installation, providing 400-3500cfm of air directly to the indoors and preventing the recirculation of air and cross-contamination of airborne viruses and bacteria.

Read Oxygen8’s press release here!