Home News Daikin’s New VRV-Life™: The Solution to Age-Old Residential HVAC Challenges

Through the acquisition of residential and commercial HVAC companies in North America, Daikin has been inverterizing and improving conventional North America HVAC equipment for more than 10 years. From commercial rooftop units, to unitary equipment, all the way to residential air conditioners, Daikin has embedded their world-renowned inverter compressors and heat pump technology to multiple products.

This year, Daikin addressed multiple residential HVAC challenges at once, by introducing the first dual fuel furnace & heat pump system also capable of connecting to a number of typical VRV indoor units. Daikin’s VRV Life solution uses a typical single phase outdoor inverter heat pump condensing unit, similar to the VRV-S product line, connected to a vertical indoor unit that is both a furnace and a heat pump DX coil. Therefore, home owners can take advantage of the low operational cost of VRV air source heat pumps for most of the winter, while using the high efficiency furnace on the extreme cold days. On-board automated controls allow for this transition to happen at an adjustable outside air temperature, based on the local utility rates.

VRV Life also addresses the zoning and hot/cold spot problems that too many residential homes suffer from, especially large and custom homes with multiple rooms and floors. Using the same line sets connecting the VRV Life condensing unit to the dual fuel furnace, RefNets can be used to expand the line sets to other VRV indoor units, such as wall mounted units in the upstairs bedrooms, a floor mounted unit in the solarium, or another ducted unit in the theatre room above the garage. These VRV indoor units will use the VRV Life condensing unit to provide heating or cooling.

Finally, using a VRV Life outdoor unit results in less footprint compared to standard residential air conditioning units, while offering much lower sound levels at the octave bands that count most. Massachusetts also offers incentives for VRV Life systems for both the high efficiency air-source heat pump, and for the high efficiency furnace. Contact DXS today for more information on this new and unique solution.