About Us

DXS Story

Our story is simple, as some of the best business stories often are. Back in 2007, we realized the North American market was ready for VRV (also called VRF – variable refrigerant flow). Technology and timing were about to cross and we wanted to be at that intersection.

Starting in the south, warmer climate, DXS entered the VRV market in Texas expanding to five offices around the state. As the technology evolves and moved to North America, DXS brought VRV to the north, the colder climate in Canada, and opened our Toronto office in 2012. Daikin’s VRV systems continued to set the standard with the lowest operating temperature ranges. Our goal in Toronto was to bring aggressive energy efficiency goals to the largest residential condo construction market for decades.

Our most recent expansion was into New England with the opening of our Boston, Massachusetts office in 2016. With the success of VRV in Texas and Canada, we knew New England would see similar success. Not to mention Massachusetts has the largest VRV incentives in North America and ranks first in the U.S. in energy efficiency per ACEEE.

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