Skyline Oac Oah Air Handler For Indoor Air Quality

Daikin Applied Semi-Custom Air Handling Units

Description: Semi-Custom Air Handling Units with VRV Integration

CAH Semi Custom AHUs
Demanding air handler applications often call for turn-key solutions, which can only be made by an experienced manufacturer. At Daikin, we’re pros at building and delivering one-of-a-kind products, systems, and solutions that achieve extraordinary results. Our custom air handlers provide the ultimate in design flexibility and turn-key solutions for increased filtration applications. With the ability to attain a maximum of Class 6 leakage, our custom air handlers can be customized for use in healthcare facilities, clean rooms or labs.

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Fully Customizable


  • Modular design flexibility: Allows custom selection and configuration of components to meet performance and application requirements
  • Durable, weather tight cabinet: Cross-broken top panels eliminate standing water and drip shield on all sides and over doors
  • Double-wall construction: reduces dirt accumulation and facilitates cleaning and protects insulation and improves IAQ
  • Heavy-duty base rail: Standard base rail in varying heights (4” to 12”) or curb ready design forms weather tight seal on roof curb. Lifting lugs facilitate easy rigging
  • Patented gasketed frame channels & R-13 foam-injected panels: Eliminates metal-to-metal contact between paneling and framework to minimize air leakage and promotes high IAQ and long life
  • UltraSeal™ low leakage dampers: Maximizes operating efficiency with tight seals and reduces operating costs
  • Damper hoods with screens: directs rain, snow and debris away from openings
  • Optional piping vestibule: encloses piping within easy access cabinet
  • Stainless steel, double-sloped drain pan: prevents standing water and corrosion to inhibit mold growth and improve IAQ
  • Angled economizer: free cooling when outdoor conditions prevaiL and increases efficiency with demand control ventilation
  • Energy recovery: recovers up to 70% of lost energies, increases efficiency, and factory installed and tested
  • Extended coil and drain connections: saves installation costs and reduces maintenance and aids in proper drainage
  • Direct-drive variable speed: ECM or VFD fan motors that increase system reliability and efficiency by eliminating belts and bearing setscrew and increase energy savings at light-load conditions
  • Skyline factory roof curb: designed specifically to match custom modular design flexibility with variable heights (16” to 30”) to meet installation requirements


Hotel Ella

Under new ownership, the historic building known as Mansion at Judges’ Hill recently transformed into Hotel Ella. The building, located near the University of Texas campus in Austin, went through a multi-million dollar renovation into a boutique hotel that is named after the building’s original owner, Ella Wooten. DXS was named basis of design for the project, retrofitting the common areas with 10 tons of Daikin heat recovery. The ductless units that Daikin offers integrated nicely with the existing architecture of the historic building. As a bonus, the increased energy efficiency and use of VRF qualified the owner for Austin Energy rebates.

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