Daikin Vrv T Series Water Cooled

Daikin VRV T-Series

Description: Daikin VRV T-Series Water-Cooled Condensing Units (Heat Pump/Heat Recovery)

The Daikin VRV T-Series Water Cooled is a flexible and modular energy saving alternative to traditional centralized equipment solutions such a Chilled Water System or Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP).

The VRV T-Series Water Cooled provides all of the attributes of an Air-cooled VRV system such as low sound levels, advanced comfort control and zoning but with the added application flexibility for cold climates, buildings with an existing water loop infrastructure or geothermal applications. The long piping capabilities, small refrigerant pipes, compact condensing unit size and ability to take advantage of building diversity and 2-stage heat recovery provide great flexibility in applying the solution to your building whether existing or new constructions. This aids in reducing the overall construction complexity compared to traditional water based systems and helps optimize the total
cost of construction.


  • Geothermal Operation and Advantages: VRV T-Series Water-Cooled can use lakes, rivers and ground loops to take advantage of the Earth as a natural heat sink or heat source, eliminating the need for equipment such as boilers, cooling towers, or dry coolers.
  • Extended Water Temperature Operation Range: Condenser water inlet temperature can be as low as 23°F (-5°C) in cooling and 14°F (-10°C) in heating. Please note that glycol usage is required when entering condenser water temperature is below 50°F (10°C) Please refer to Engineering Manual for further details.
  • Indoor Installation Makes Unit Invisible From the Outside: Because the system is water-cooled, outside air temperature does not affect system capacity. Condensing units are installed inside the building, which enhances design flexibility and makes it easier to adapt to different buildings types.
  • Variable Water Flow Control: Condensing unit can control water control device such as an inverter pump or modulating valve via 2-9V signal based on capacity requirement. This increases waterside system operational efficiencies by reducing the water flow when possible.
  • VRT mode control selection to match user preferences: Actual energy savings through VRT vary based on the building
    location, load characteristics, occupancy and system usage conditions
  • 2-Stage Heat (Energy) Recovery: 2-Stage Heat (Energy) Recovery is available between indoor units on the same VRV system and then across all the systems connected to a common water loop. This has a dramatic impact on power consumption and helps improve energy efficiency.
  • Space Saving – Compact Design and Stacked Configurations: Compact casing allows for stacking of the units to maximize space saving. Stacked systems can easily fit in mechanical rooms with under 7 ft. (2.14 m) (dual stack) or under 11.5 feet (3.8 meters) (triple stack) ceilings thanks to the reduced unit height.
  • Ideal Retrofit to Existing Water-Cooled Systems: VRV T-Series Water-Cooled can utilize the existing systems such
    as cooling towers, dry coolers and boilers during renovation for further cost savings.
  • Easy Installation and Servicing: Developed for easy installation and servicing: options to choose between top or front connection for refrigerant piping and drop-down switch box for easy access to components.
  • Simplified Commissioning and Servicing: New configurator software designed to simplify the commissioning and maintenance of the system
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Hotel Ella

Under new ownership, the historic building known as Mansion at Judges’ Hill recently transformed into Hotel Ella. The building, located near the University of Texas campus in Austin, went through a multi-million dollar renovation into a boutique hotel that is named after the building’s original owner, Ella Wooten. DXS was named basis of design for the project, retrofitting the common areas with 10 tons of Daikin heat recovery. The ductless units that Daikin offers integrated nicely with the existing architecture of the historic building. As a bonus, the increased energy efficiency and use of VRF qualified the owner for Austin Energy rebates.

Project Img


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