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Wherever you are on your path to sustainable operations, our flexible drop-in solution, which works with all leading building automation platforms, can help save energy and drive more value from your existing technology investments. Unlike other solutions, Turntide attacks waste from the device to the enterprise level by bringing together optimal efficiency equipment, building controls, intelligence, and enterprise portfolio management.


  • Catch Critical Issues Early: You don’t need a system to tell you to fix everything. Riptide is designed to zero in on what matters most
  • Increase First-time Fix Rates: Arm your field technicians with equipment health. Confirm “red” issues turn “green” before paying service providers
  • Verify Repairs Before Cutting Checks: Validate “red” issues turn “green” before paying vendors, insuring you get what you pay for
  • Prevent Wasted Field Visits: Not all issues are black and white. Riptide’s investigative tools allow you to dig deeper. Resolve select problems remotely
  • Prioritize to Make Your Budget Last: Quickly assess your assets across the portfolio to focus worst performers or trouble spots. Narrow down problems to those most vital
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Hotel Ella

Under new ownership, the historic building known as Mansion at Judges’ Hill recently transformed into Hotel Ella. The building, located near the University of Texas campus in Austin, went through a multi-million dollar renovation into a boutique hotel that is named after the building’s original owner, Ella Wooten. DXS was named basis of design for the project, retrofitting the common areas with 10 tons of Daikin heat recovery. The ductless units that Daikin offers integrated nicely with the existing architecture of the historic building. As a bonus, the increased energy efficiency and use of VRF qualified the owner for Austin Energy rebates.

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