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Bruce Hotel

Project Location: Stratford, ON

Owner/Client: Privately Owned

Category: Hospitality

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The Bruce Hotel is a four-diamond awarded hotel that is located near the world-renowned Stratford Theatre in Ontario Canada. Set on six and a half acres, the Bruce Hotel offers unparalleled service in the heart of Stratford. The hotel features 25 elegant rooms and suites, amenities include a gym, pool, and two restaurants run by a prominent chef.

The newly constructed building was designed to provide each guest with heating and cooling flexibility throughout the year. The building hosts a 32 Ton heat recovery air-cooled VRV system and uses one of DXS’s low ambient heating enclosures to ensure adequate heating year-round without the need for additional heat inside the building.

As sound was a primary concern, each guest suite is designed with a horizontal fan coil placed in the ceiling space, and ducted to a set of diffusers. The air-conditioning or heating is practically unnoticeable from the suite floor, and the design ensures that no drafts are felt anywhere in the guest rooms.

The hotel uses the Daikin centralized touch screen controller (iTouchManager) to monitor and control all guest suites from the front desk. Any issues or errors with the system are reported to the central system, and emailed to facility staff even before any guest can notice any issues.


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