Gusto 101 Restaurant 1

Gusto 101 Restaurant

Project Location: Toronto, ON

Owner/Client: Privately Owned

Category: Retail

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VRF systems are versatile enough to heat and cool what once was a sports car garage, now renovated into one of the cities best dining experiences.

Gusto 101 is one of the most noticeable and unique eateries in Toronto. It utilizes its spaces to allow for as many patrons as possible while still being a comfortable experience in two levels of an abandoned garage. The spaces which range from concrete walls to open skylight have very diverse load requirements for heating and cooling at all points of the year. In winter, the kitchen may still be extremely hot due to wood-fired ovens and grills while the second-floor dining tier which is covered only by the glass is exposed to extreme cold. During the summer, the skylight acts as a greenhouse which keeps heat in and requires cooling, while the first-floor dining tier is kept shaded and cool.

This all goes to show that while VRF technology is great for big projects, its versatility, compact size, and heating-cooling flexibility make VRF perfect solutions for restaurant applications. DXS worked with HTS to integrate the NAD Klima high induction architectural diffusers in the space. Gusto 101 is a great example of how DXS can provide turn-key solutions for small projects, and it is also an easy project to go visit, and to have lunch or dinner at!


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