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Spring Branch ISD’s Wilchester Elementary School near Houston, Texas, went through a major bond renovation project in 2007. Wanting an upgrade in quality and efficiency in the HVAC department, DXS was able to provide cost-efficient solutions for the school’s needs.

The district not only wanted proper filtration and ventilation, but also low sound levels and the ability to operate year-round without central plant cooling. DXS provided a 20-ton stand-alone Daikin VRV system with individual zone control for administrators to use during both the school year and summer vacation months. The construction team also installed a 1,000 cfm Munters HCU for highly efficient humidity control. The combination of this equipment helped the school reach its goals in quality, efficiency and budget.

Education Key Consideration

School district facilities planners and maintenance personnel plus the design team who support them are tasked with developing and maintaining usable, comfortable buildings that promote learning. They must do this across the country under the scrutiny of school districts determined to spend every bond and tax revenue dollar wisely.

The DXS team understands the pressures under which school district personnel operate and we’ve helped alleviate much of that pressure. From our work with facilities planners and architects, we know that energy is one of the largest line items in a school budget. That’s where we can help. We design low-maintenance VRF air conditioning systems that reduce HVAC energy costs 20 to 50 percent.

Key Considerations

  • Systems that reduce HVAC energy costs by 20 to 50 percent
  • Opportunity to reduce overall building construction cost
  • Straightforward maintenance facilities crews can easily manage
  • Reduced maintenance costs compared to split-system or chilled water systems
  • Reduced mechanical space
  • Designs that accommodate space restrictions of prior systems
  • Ability to handle temperature control for dozens of small spaces
  • Energy efficient
  • Y Robust training program for facilities maintenance personnel
  • DXxsS onsite at five key junctures: onsite training prior to installation, quality control checks during installation, during start-up, 30 days after commissioning for building owner verification, and ongoing training for staff
  • Fast, dependable service and maintenance support after installation
  • Complete inventory of parts and equipment


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