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JD Abrams

  • Project Location: Austin, TX
  • Owner/Client: JD Abrams
  • Project Description:

JD Abrams wanted energy efficiency in their new Austin facility, while still maintaining the look and feel of the high-tech civil engineering building. Modeled after JD Abrams’ famous Congress Bridge in Austin, the facility required the latest technology for its open and aesthetically pleasing look. To accomplish this goal, DXS provided MEP Engineering with 40 tons of ducted Daikin VRV IV Heat Recovery units, a Rebel Rooftop Unit for Outside Air, and an iTouch manager for controls.

In their new building, JD Abrams is able to utilize DXS controls technology for lighting and exhaust fans in addition to the HVAC system. Several offices in the building also feature switchable privacy glass, and the controls technology was able to program the system to automatically switch the glass off at night to protect it from being damaged by overuse.

Retail & Office Key Considerations

Architects and engineers working in the retail and professional office building markets consistently face the same scenario:  the ever-changing need to reconfigure tenant space.  As businesses change, their space requirements can fluctuate wildly.  They move, they expand, they downsize.  And because they do, DXS works alongside architects, engineers and owners to design VRF systems that can be configured – and reconfigured – to meet on-going and changing tenant HVAC requirements.

Key Considerations

  • Opportunity to reduce overall building construction cost
  • Designed as a modular system to any specifications required by the project
  • System is easily reconfigured after installation
  • Tight temperature controls of multiple zones for multiple tenants
  • Experienced staff and products that have the ability to interface with a wide variety of control systems
  • DXS onsite at five key junctures:  onsite training prior to installation, quality control checks during installation, during start-up, 30 days after commissioning for building owner verification, and ongoing training for staff
  • Fast, dependable service and maintenance support after installation
  • Complete inventory of parts and equipment locally stocked