Mspca Angell 1

MSPCA Angell

Project Location: Boston, MA

Owner/Client: MSPCA - Angell

Category: Non-Profit

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A cost-effective way to provide both heating and cooling for the building, VRV was also a good fit here because of the ductless options to make up for the lack of ceiling space. The building, prior to the installation of the VRV equipment, didn’t have a direct method of providing cooling during the summer. Fans and window units were occasionally used. The boiler and controls of the radiators didn’t provide the owner a good means of temperature control in the winter. Twelve VRV heat recovery units were installed, which provide both heating and cooling. This type of system allows for the individual occupants of the building to have direct temperature control of their area. The owner used the packaged controls to enable set-point restrictions and an occupied/Night Setback schedule that optimizes the efficiency and usage of the systems.


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