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Don’t expect us to hand over the equipment and head to lunch.  Far from it, we’re with you from the beginning of the project to the end to ensure your VRF system meets the construction, operational and end-user goals.

Expect us to be highly visible and available from the start.  In fact, we make it a point to be onsite at five critical junctures during every project:

  1. Pre-Project Training:

    Before the equipment hits the ground, we train and certify mechanical contractors or others on the installation crew who need additional training on VRF systems.

  2. QC Check During Installation:

    During refrigerant piping installation, we send a quality control technician to the site to ensure installation is done properly.  At the same time, the technician checks in with the general contractor or mechanical contractor to answer questions, provide assistance, etc.

  3. QC Check at Start-Up:

    DXS sends the same quality control technician to the project site for commissioning of the system. The technician checks the entire system and certifies it for warranty documents.

  4. Owner/Operator Verification:

    At building occupancy, DXS provides system training to the facility owners and maintenance personnel.  The comprehensive training ensures these individuals fully understand their new VRF system, covering everything from adjusting the temperature to establishing a regular maintenance schedule to troubleshooting common issues.

  5. Ongoing Training:

    For building maintenance staff.