About Us

DXS Story

DXS was formed in Texas in 2007 after the VRV technology was born. After noticing what VRV was and how far ahead it was of anything in the North American market, DXS knew that the area was ready for this new technology. Launching a new technology and getting it to the number one position would be neither familiar, nor steady. And in the US market it certainly would not be easy with a name no one knew amongst a sea of household air conditioning names. Since 2007, DXS has distinguished itself as the leader of VRV and VRF systems and itself among its competitors

As HVAC experts, DXS knows the traditional systems and markets but knew that the demand for high efficiency and green building standards was coming. With this demand came the VRV technology that met those requirements and more. From design to service to integration, our entire team is educated on all things VRV and VRF.

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