A trained workforce is one of DXS’ main goals. To achieve this goal, we train you throughout the process to ensure you know the equipment we are installing. Below are some regular trainings we have scheduled. Please contact us today if you would like these trainings to be brought to your office.

Daikin VRV Install Training

Class intended for contracting estimators/installers: Introduction to Daikin VRV application,  Piping and Wiring Layout, Proper piping installation, Proper wiring procedure, 410A and its proper handling, Understanding controls integration, and System tour.

Daikin VRV Commissioning Training

Must complete Install Training in order to sign up for this class

Class intended for startup personnel: Review of proper installation, Pre-commissioning checklist, Troubleshooting incorrect piping and wiring, Startup procedures, Live training lab startup, Operational control sequences & control options, Basic troubleshooting, and Teardown of fan coil units.

Daikin VRV Service and Troubleshooting Training

Class intended for service technicians and facilities maintenance personnel: VRV basic operation, Service manual navigation, Service checker, and Component & tool diagnostics.

Custom Training

As your VRV experts, we can customize any training for specific applications. Contact us below to schedule a custom training for your employees at your facility.

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