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We serve general contractors entrusted with the responsibility to construct buildings from a myriad of construction documents.  Masters of project management, general contractors and their teams manage dozens of subs with high expectations that each delivers their service or equipment on time and on budget.

On that front, DXS is the general contractor’s reliable trusted partner.  GCs know they can count on us to apply our VRF expertise to their project and help guide the mechanical component of their project to prevent any surprises.

 DXS serves general contractors with:

  • On-time and accurate submittals
  • Correct equipment that shows up on schedule
  • Identification of other building aspects that would be positively impacted by VRF (i.e., electrical)
  • Quality control checks during installation and QC technician available to general contractor during construction
  • Owner training to transition the project from construction to occupancy and reduce unwarranted issues directed to the general contractor