What is a Sales Career with DXS?

At DXS, we work with sophisticated building HVAC systems. As such, a sales career with DXS can be extremely dynamic and challenging. Our technical salespeople work with a wide range of customers from professional engineering firms, to mechanical construction companies, to developers and end-users. Our salespeople must become systems experts. This involves development and education in mechanical engineering principals, electronics, and control technologies as well as basic electrical engineering concepts. Our sales teams are responsible for engineering design selection and specification services for our engineering clients. We review construction plans and project specifications to help our mechanical contracting clients match the correct equipment systems to the unique requirements of their building construction projects. Since DXS works with the major equipment comprising commercial HVAC systems, we pride ourselves in being able to work directly with building owners and facilities staff to ensure they have our support throughout the lifecycle of their building.

Training and development is an important part of the sales career. As such, our managers and senior sales team leaders work hard to develop the next generation of salespeople and company leaders. We are always looking for bright and talented people to join our team.

Who Are We Looking For?

DXS is always looking for talented candidates in these key roles.


Let us help you find your DXS Representative from one of our 12 locations in Canada and the United States.

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