DXS Launches myVRVdrive.com - DXS | Direct Expansion Solutions

Throughout our 15-year history, as a VRV focused rep firm, DXS has pioneered and innovated every step of the way. We have recently become Daikin’s largest VRV rep in North America.

We pride ourselves on listening to our customers and adapting to market trends and changes. For many years, one of the most common feedback and request from all regions has been: better access to well-organized Daikin VRV and ASHP information online.

Well, we heard, we listened, and DXS North America took this challenge very seriously. Therefore, after months of hard work, it is with burning excitement that we will be introducing the fastestsimplest and easiest platform for Daikin VRV and Air Source Heat Pump information online:

Dxs Launches Myvrvdrive.com 1