Home News Kartik Singla Featured in the Spring Issue of Plumbing + HVAC Magazine

Our Ontario principal, Kartik Singla was featured in Plumbing + HVAC magazine. Check out his comment in the article VRF: Verified by the Royal Family? Leading the charge in mid-size apartment and institutional buildings

“As cities continue to work towards decarbonization, VRF systems are likely to grow in popularity,” added Kartik Singla, principal at Direct Expansion Solutions of Toronto.

“The coefficient of performance (COP) with basic VRF is about 3.0 during heating season, but it goes way up for the models used on this project that do simultaneous heating and cooling and heat recovery.” Asked about ideal heat pump types, he points out that “as a building gets bigger, VRF makes more sense than say, mini-splits, because the power needs and piping needs for mini-splits are likely to outstrip VRF. You’re piping in series with VRF.”