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CTI’s Building Solutions are designed with facility managers and building owners in mind. They deliver cutting-edge building technologies designed for ease-of-operation, reduced energy consumption, and operating costs without sacrificing optimal occupant comfort, security, and productivity. The desire for raising the bar in building automation is what brought Control Technologies and Distech Controls together. As an innovative leader in energy management solutions since 1995, Distech Controls provides unique building management technologies that optimize energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.


  • Program, manage, and monitor your building automation system using a web browser
  • Monitor, acknowledge, and review alarms with sophisticated alarm processing and routing, including e-mail and paging
  • Choose best-of-breed products and prolong the useful life of existing systems by extending their capabilities, regardless of manufacturer or protocol
  • Common platform provides global functions such as network control, monitoring, alarming, database and log management, and audit trails for all building functions
  • Manage multi-site or campuses with one system
  • Leverage real-time business intelligence through connectivity with enterprise applications such as accounting, tenant billing, and energy management and utility monitoring interfaces

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Hotel Ella

Under new ownership, the historic building known as Mansion at Judges’ Hill recently transformed into Hotel Ella. The building, located near the University of Texas campus in Austin, went through a multi-million dollar renovation into a boutique hotel that is named after the building’s original owner, Ella Wooten. DXS was named basis of design for the project, retrofitting the common areas with 10 tons of Daikin heat recovery. The ductless units that Daikin offers integrated nicely with the existing architecture of the historic building. As a bonus, the increased energy efficiency and use of VRF qualified the owner for Austin Energy rebates.

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