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Wannalancit Mills

Project Location: Lowell, MA

Owner/Client: Farley White

Category: Office

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DXS and HTS New England were chosen to design and install a high-quality, energy-efficient HVAC system for the historic Wannalancit Mills building in Lowell, MA. The historic mill building had been served by self-contained DX air handlers and in-duct gas furnaces for more than 20 years. DXS and HTS teamed up to provide a solution that allowed Wannalancit Mills to replace the entire HVAC system without interrupting any of their high-end office space tenants.

The solution: (21) 4,000 CFM Daikin Vision indoor air handlers were installed with custom VRV coils and Daikin’s VRV air handler integration kits.  Each air handler is paired with its own Daikin VRV heat pump outdoor unit on the roof of the building.  HTS and DXS designed the units to fit through the existing mechanical room doorways, eliminating the need for any demolition of the building.

DXS and HTS worked with Premier Mechanical to assist building owner Farley White in achieving a significant rebate from National Grid Utilities for installing new high-efficiency HVAC equipment.  VRV is now the sole source of heating & cooling for this building, which maximizes comfort, energy efficiency, and reliability for years to come.


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