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DXS has been taking over Seguin, Texas to help classic historical sites catch up with today’s technology. Seguin Park Plaza Hotel and Guadalupe County Courthouse, two buildings listed in the National Registry of Historical Places, needed to preserve their original architecture and aesthetic from the early 1900s, but simultaneously find a way to keep patrons cool.
Enter VRV. Daikin VRV systems offer cooling and comfort without bulky rooftop units or mechanical rooms for chillers, and help add a low-profile, high-performing system without taking away from the historical appeal.

Seguin Park Plaza Hotel, originally built in 1917, sits right across the street from Seguin’s Central Park and is a cornerstone destination for anyone looking to experience the small town’s historical charm. With luxury guest rooms and over 6,000 square feet of event space, the hotel needed a renovated A/C system that could give its old-fashioned structure the feel of modern comfort.

DXS helped to implement a system that allowed for energy efficient operation in the hotel’s guest rooms at varying occupancies, without interfering with the building’s distinguished design. By utilizing Daikin VRV Heat Recovery and a Daikin rooftop unit, both tied into Daikin i-Touch manager for optimized control, DXS helped this hundred year old building feel more like 2017 while still looking like 1917.
Guadalupe County Courthouse, built in 1935, faced similar renovation challenges. In addition to government offices and courtrooms, the Courthouse is home to artistic stone carvings, a peaceful park, memorials, and even a tribute to the world’s largest pecan. With so much of the town’s tradition preserved on the property, it was important to ensure that the original structure remained unchanged when adding a new HVAC system.

For this project, DXS was chosen as basis of design and was able to achieve these goals with Daikin VRV Heat Recovery, ducted and ductless units, Daikin VRV Outside Air units and an incorporated i-Touch manager for easy control to handle zonings. Using a mixture of ducted and ductless units helped accommodate the original architectural design of high ceilings throughout the building.

These renovations show what DXS can do when incorporating a state-of-the-art HVAC system into a classically built facility. As DXS Principal Thomas McLaughlin says, “We are very good at putting air conditioning where air conditioning was never meant to be.” By preserving the façade of the past while adding the technology of the future, DXS was able to take a new approach to history.