Home News The VRF Vault: A Closer Look at Daikin Air Handler Integration Kits

Here at DXS we are always in pursuit to push the Variable Refrigerant Flow technology to the next level. With the release of Daikin’s Air Handling Unit Integration Kit, we have the ability to integrate a non-VRV air handler unit into the Daikin VRV system.

This kit allows us to utilize the benefits of the inverter technology from the outdoor unit by integrating it into any custom terminal unit and air handling equipment seamlessly, while keeping installation and commissioning time down to a minimum.

Some features and benefits of the Air Handling Integration Kit include the ability to integrate them into both the Heat Pump and Heat Recovery systems. These DIII-Net kits are also easily compatible with the use of the Navigation “NAV” controllers and Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Managers (iTM).

In order to accommodate for flexible installation and retro-fits, these kits have a separate Controller and Electronic Expansion Valve (EEV) Boxes. Both boxes are NEMA rated for Indoor and Outdoor installations. Each EEV box uses the same EEVs as used in the standard VRV indoor units to provide precise refrigerant control, with capacities ranging from 18,000 BTU/h (1.5-ton) to 192,000 BTU/h (16-ton). With the capability to connect up to 3 kits per VRV system, we are able to serve a large capacity air handling unit up to 38-ton.

Two different control methods are available to set the operation mode and temperature set points of the space, “Z” and “W” control. The Z-Control uses the standard Daikin Navigation controller, which is useful when the air handler is providing conditioned air for human comfort. The W-Control utilizes any 0-10v DDC controller or temperature sensor, which allows us to control the discharge air temperature off the indoor coil. The W-control is typically used in air processing ventilation applications where we need to drop the coil temperature significantly to handle latent loads and remove moisture from the air.

Please contact your local DXS representative for more details about applications and controls.