Architects Can Count On Us to Provide Specialized HVAC Knowledge

We serve architects charged with designing facilities that building owners will value, and their peers will admire and respect.  We recognize the architect’s role as head of the design team and appreciate the enormous pressure they face to deliver buildings that meet operational, aesthetic, and budget goals. With little room for error on multi-million-dollar projects, architects need “A” players on their team – and on that front, we deliver every time.  DXS works alongside architects to provide highly specialized VRF HVAC knowledge, expertise and a depth of real-world experience.

DXS serves architects with:

  • Pre-design project technology review
  • Preliminary energy analysis 
  • Evaluation of cost-savings that VRF provides across the entire construction scope 
  • Determining client priorities for their building and how best to apply VRF to meet their goals 
  • Accurate budgeting 
  • REVIT design assistance 


Let us help you find your DXS Representative from one of our 12 locations in Canada and the United States.

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