Mechanical Contractors

Mechanical Contractors Can Count On Us to Get Any Must-Have Equipment to Their Site Quickly

We serve mechanical contractors who bridge the gap between conceptual thinking and the realities of construction.  They know DXS will be wherever and whenever we’re needed on a project.  We’ll train their team on VRF equipment installation and maintenance.  We can deliver any piece of must-have equipment at a Texas project site within hours.  And we’ll be present throughout the lifespan of the project, from estimating and submittal, to shipment, start-up and commissioning.

DXS serves mechanical contractors with:

  • On-time and accurate submittals
  • Correct equipment that shows up on schedule
  • Specially trained VRF technicians available on-site as needed
  • Comprehensive training packages available for installation, commissioning and service
  • Owner training to transition the project from construction to occupancy and reduce unwarranted issues directed to the mechanical contractor
Mechanical Contractors


Let us help you find your DXS Representative from one of our 12 locations in Canada and the United States.

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